Oliver and Daisy


Beauty comes when the Light shines through.

Cardinals On A Misty Fall Morning

Kentucky's State Bird - the cardinal - is thought by many to be a messenger of encouragement or comfort after the loss of a loved one.  This pair of cardinals on a peaceful, misty morning is a sign that we are never alone.

North Shore - $70

This beautiful pattern called "Lake Superior" was designed by an instructor for Delphi Glass.  A recent, fantastic trip around the Northern Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota inspired me to make this relaxing piece.

Peace Sign

A hippy at heart, I love the unending combinations of glorious glass.  Peace signs are one of my most popular requests.

Fairy Tulips - $80

Fairy Tulips is my own design.  I used iridescent glass for the flowers, leaves, and stems because of course fairy tulips shimmer. ✨